Leah Schrager

Leah Schrager

Leah’s images with Lemonade Gallery are available through the innovative Co-Collecting scheme.

Co-collecting is short for Collaborative Collecting. In Co-collecting you purchase the digital image you want, we send you the digital file and Leah is available for consultation with you as you choose how you wish to physically materialize the work.

Your purchase gives you the license to reproduce the image once, in any way you choose. Once you have reproduced the work, we’ll send you a Certificate of Authenticity that details the title, date, dimensions, and materials of the final work.

Images in the Co-Collecting scheme increase in price with every purchase, beginning at £250 and rising by a variable percentage with each purchase (calculated from the previous price and time since last purchase). The material costs are always assumed by the collector.

Co-Collecting is an experiment that seeks to explore and contribute to the developing collection process with new media artworks, as well as promote fair labour practices that recognise the role that appropriate financial support plays in an artist’s career.

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Camera Flash Heart Antenna New
Flower Stamp Raindrops New

Flower Stamp Raindrops

High resolution digital file, 2016..


Pin Hat Heart New

Pin Hat Heart

High resolution digital file, 2016...