Leah's Bibliography


2015     Pay the Nipple by Ona
2015     The Female Painter by Leah
2015     The Arousal Plan by Sarah White
2014     The Ona Generation by Ona
2012     Am I Not Art/Ist by Sarah White
2012     SXSW: Online Therapy… Naked? Post-Mortem, PsychCentral.com
2012     Internet Appreciation Day, TheFasterTimes.com
2012     Why Men Look at Porn, TheFasterTimes.com
2011     The Not So Secret Cult of the Far Too Violent Male: Thoughts on the Penn State Tragedy,  TheFasterTimes.com,                          December 21

2010     Naked Therapy by Sarah White


2015     Hot Girl Art, Vice
2015     Instagram is a new gallery spaceDazed
2015     Artist Ona on Sexy Selfies, Galore Mag
2015     Get To Know America’s Most Subversive Feminist ArtistsDazed



2015       Artist as Curator, panel at Swiss Institute
2015       Body Anxiety Comments SectionBHQFU
2015       This Week In SexThe Museum of Sex, NYC 2015
2014       Feminist Urgent Roundtable, Bruce High Quality Foundation University
2013       Jeff Probst Show, hosted by Jeff Probst, “Sex for Success,” January 11
2012       Fox Business News, hosted by Tom Sullivan, “The Impact of Stress on Men’s Preference in Women,” Aug 10
2012       SXSW panel with Dr. Grohol called “Online Therapy, Naked?” 
2011       Fox Business News, hosted by Tom Sullivan, “Is Sex Addiction Real?” with co-panelists Dr. Judy Kuriansky and Pax Prentiss
2011       Fox Business News, hosted by Tracy Byrnes, “Wiener: Rehab or Resignation?” with co-panelists Andrew Breitbart and Kimberly
               Guilfoyle, June 14
2011       Sirius XM Stars Radio, hosted by Judith Regan, Roundtable on topic of sex, with co-panelists Susie Bright and Charlotte Shane,
               March 30

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