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15/07/2015 0 Comment(s) Highlights,

May Waver - recently tipped by Dazed and Confused as an artist to watch - part of a new breed of young feminist artists. Her work spans pop culture, confessional, feminist and internet art, but the nature of her films and gifs and the way she engages her viewers push beyond such boundaries towards something fresher.


May’s work has many similarities to Keith Haring and his social activist campaign, but she makes for the Net generation, the female digital native. As Keith Haring abstracted the body, so May uses her own visual language of clips and glitches. She creates hypnotising images which seduce but obscure the body, denaturing it into internet form, like in Content Aware 2. The gif is reminiscent of Antony Donaldson’s graphic works - using the replicated body to create motion and abstracted form - it moves from her body gazing out towards the viewer to a compilation of forms.


Content Aware 2 suggests more about the place of the female body in the Internet. The repeated imagery of the body, objectified and mass consumed, is something May confronts head on in Content Aware 2. The female body has become a consumer good, a malleable thing onto which desire and sexuality is imprinted. May questions this process and assures the viewer that this body does not belong to the sex/power hegemony. It's not an aggressive confrontation though, and May reveals a vulnerability and intimacy which enriches our interpretation.


May explores subjectivity throughout her work, particularly how remote viewers interact with others in an intimate way. In Content Aware 2 and many of her works, May invites us into the artwork, not voyeuristically, but as though we are deeply involved in the moment.



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