Csaba Kis Roka 10 Track Playlist

24/07/2015 0 Comment(s)

This week, we present Csaba Kis Roka’s playlist of super jazz-y beats. After releasing an album as part of the band Moderntokyo, Csaba has also been busy getting ready for his upcoming exhibitions in Windsor and Vienna but he spared some time to create this rock and roll playlist.


  1. Marc Ribot - The Wind Cries Mary

  2. Ornette Coleman - Science Fiction

  3. The Bad Plus - Seven Minute Mind

  4. Bill Frisell - The Music for Glen Deven Ranch

  5. Bill Frisell - Lake Superior

  6. John Zorn - The Middle Pillar

  7. Medeski, Martin & Wood - Fuck You Guys

  8. Marc Ribot - Yo! I Killed Your God

  9. Hank Roberts - JB

  10. Sonic Youth - Kool Thing

Csaba’s playlist reflects his wide taste in music, from grindcore, to jazz and classical but genres aren’t important to him, “just the quality”.



You can read the full interview with Csaba in Beat Magazine Issue 22 


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