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Something is up in Selfie Land, aka Twittergram, aka The Internet, aka you know, EVERYWHERE. Once the territory of the pout, the tilt, the #bestfaceever and the celebrity stalker, there's a new kid on the block and it looks like this...



Image @Zinnia77


or this



Image @CLE_Eileen


and you will have definitely seen something like this



Image @MsMagiera


Whereas the selfie is often derided as the sharp end of our 21st century narcisism, the most upfront manifestation of the subjugation of everything to our modern selves, this new kind of selfie - something we're calling the 'exiselfie' - is an altogether different thing.


The author slips to the edge of the frame, often fracturing their identity in the process, lighting is focused away from them, perhaps only a foot or a shadow remains to locate them in the moment. The background becomes the principle subject and the author becomes a much more abstract influence, whilst still self-consciously very present.


beach feet

Image author's daughter


The exiselfie is more about the relationship between the author and the scene than either one exclusively. It documents the chemistry between them and the moment, gently carving a gap between them and inviting us to share in the resulting, turbulent space. The result is a little lonely, detached, reflective, isolating sometimes. It becomes a truer selfie for the 21st century than we (perhaps) intended. Expect to see more.


Cover image @08bebek


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