Hypr_List/July 15

29/07/2015 0 Comment(s) Hypr_List,

Here's a round-up of things that have rocked our July and filled us with as much excitement as Chipotle!


BOMB ~ one of my favourite publications and powerfully artist orientated. ~HN


Death From Above 1979 ~ redefining "smashed it” on the John Peel stage and setting the bar super-high for all wannabe guitarie/drummie combo people. ~DE


Georgie Fox ~ our best discovery at Free Range 15 and our favourite new buffoon. ~DE


@hollyherndon ~ Right at the front gate with the sound of today, and maybe a taste of the future. ~DE


Polyester Magazine ~ because we all need a bit of bad taste sometimes. ~HN


@mollysoda ~ she's been making waves in the twittersphere with her selfies but there's more to her than her nudes. ~HN


Kimmy Walters ~ her poetry is fresh and contemporary, already feel like we're best friends. ~HN


Cybertwee ~ May Waver's art activism is sweet and she wants you all to join her too. ~HN


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