Hypr_List/June 15

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Everything (well, almost everything) that rocks and pumps in our over-excited, warm lager and tacos world this month.


BOMB ~ one of my favourite publications and powerfully artist oriented ~HN


@DazedMagazine ~ a Lemonade favourite, as influential as it is controversial, Dazed has been leading youth culture for over 2 decades. ~HN


Death From Above 1979 ~ redefining "smashed it” on the John Peel stage and setting the bar super-high for all wannabe guitarie/drummie combo people. ~DE


Georgie Foxour best discovery at Free Range 15 and our favourite new buffoon. ~DE


Ha Ha Gallery ~ contemporary, twisted and playful artist-led gallery in Southampton from Liv Fontaine and Jen Harris. ~DE


@hollyherndon ~ Right at the front gate with the sound of today, and maybe a taste of the future. ~DE


@melissabroder ~ poet and marketing person at NewHive, but here as a poet. ~DE


Rhizome ~ pretty much the epicentre of pre, post, sub and super internet. ~DE


@SISTERzine ~ filled with hard-hitting girl power, fashion and irony, Sister Magazine are too loveable. ~HN


Urban Outfitters Blog ~ an alternative guide to contemporary culture with a distinctly UO flavour. ~HN


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