5 Minutes with Meg Mosley

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Lemonade's favourite selfie queen, media artist & princess takes time out from the Trow Vegas - London commute to talk inspirations, being re-made on stage and how it's good to be a chameleon.

Hey Meg, how are you today?

I'm grand thanks, apart from having a cough that sounds like a fake cough. It has an embarrassingly attention seeking sound.

Whatcha doin?

On my way home from having seen my online persona 'Megastar' acted in an actual play! Da fuck!? Art mirrors life mirrors art right? Weird! It was a play about the internet by Chris Hogg called 'What Happens When You Click On It' at Arcola Theatre. Lush!

What have you been up to these last few months?

I have been a princess in a 16th Century Manor House. Standard. I took on the role of meeting and greeting the public as Cinderella in their fairy tale take over at Longleat House. It's a real job - a real thing! I danced with my Prince Charming everyday like going to the ball, was some kinda ground hog day and spoke to families in character. The house was wonderfully eccentric, the staff were extraordinary and I had the funniest conversations with the kids. I thought being a professional princess would be interesting experience to contribute to my investigation into mainstream roles and ideals of what it is to be a woman. I think I'll have a one-woman show some day and tell my stories!

Can you sum up your work in one sentence?

I'm a funny chameleon on a mission to explore the everyday with wonder, to understand the spiritual, the mundane and the impulse to belong that is within us all. (Woah I think I could recruit using that sentence #JoinMe)

What's your fav piece of your work?

A documentary I made with my granny, where I went on 8 years of OAP holidays charting the trials of ageing and our growing friendship and understanding.

What other artists inspire you?

Funny young women! Sarah MapleLuisa OmielanBryonny KimmingsAbbie Murphy ... lots of these bar Mapes are classed as comedy or theatre, but inspo is inspo right? I just like people who tell their truths or explore the fabric of fiction!

Any New Year resolutions?

To become independent, self sufficient and learn to drive. Making art has taken up all my money and time and meant I moved back home to my Mum’s house to afford to do this. It’s starting to creep me out in my 30's. I need some more grown up swagger in 2015.

Any lifestyle tips for 2015?

Fun is not frivolous, it's good for your health.

How was it being recreated on stage for (Christopher Hogg’s) “What Happens When You Click On It?"?

Quite odd I suppose. But mostly just intriguing. I don't like attach too much analysis to Megastar, she's an internet mermaid! As in she's free! I have always just rolled with whatever comes up for her. She's an exercise in identity, being fluid and creatively fun.

Can we still see it?

Nope, it's finished now, but it may be taken on tour in future and the play may also end up on the radio. I'll let you know!

What's up next?

I'm in an exhibition called 'Pretty In Pink(at Bath Artists' Studios, Feb 27th - Mar 10th).

What's on your headphones?

Disney - to get in the 'zone' for my princess duties - and an array of mainstream pop - oh and I Dreamed a Dream by Susan Boyle. True story. Music inspires me. I like hearing all the hopes and aspirations in mainstream ballads. I love music that's deemed bad. It only got bad, as so many people liked it. I wanna know why.

What's on your Netflix watched list?

Lots of documentaries on anything and biographies on everyone and film dramas about the human condition, weird but uplifting friendships and why love is confusing.

Favourite Instagram follow?

My own right? Surely instagram is about checking how sweet ya own selfies are looking! ;-)

Chupa Chups or Freddo?

Freddo! I love chocolate.. BTW who even references Freddo's anymore? They are so confectionary of choice for my senior school circa 1996! Retro!

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