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Leah Schrager imageWe're very excited to be working with New York artist Leah Schrager, publishing a series of new works available to buy through an innovative ‘Co-Collecting’ scheme.


Leah Schrager works between the web and NYC. In her work she photographs, appears in, augments, and markets her own image, asking multi-layered - often challenging - questions about ownership, gaze, the consumption of beauty and hypocrisies of empowerment and self-realisation in the 21st century.


With Co-Collecting, you purchase a license to reproduce the image once, working with Leah to choose the best way to physically materialise the digital work. With each sale of an image the price increases, calculated using the previous price and the elapsed time since the last sale.


“Leah’s work is great, very sexy and complex, so I’ve been wanting to work with her for a while,” says Lemonade MD Dan Eastmond “The Co-Collecting experiment makes it even more exciting, exploring the new and challenging economy for digital media artists in a positive and playful way.” 


Digital and media artists have yet to find their sales panacea - an equivalent for the iTunes solution musicians adopted back in 2001 - but we believe it will be essential if the arts sector is to find a justly rewarded and sustainable support economy for new ideas and future talent.


Leah says “Co-Collecting is a process that fits with the materiality (or lack of) of digital works. I'm really excited to be working with Lemonade Gallery to realise these works and see what comes of it!”


Check out Leah's work here -

Artist portrait on front page by Chris Luttrell.

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