Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

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The Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition is the best place to discover new works from anyone and everyone who considers themselves artists. We were invited to a private view of the exhibition; with promise of a bar, jazz and a bbq, we could not have passed up a better opportunity to experience the Summer Exhibition.



Entering the Royal Academy courtyard space, we were confronted with Conrad Shawcross’ ‘The Dappled Light of the Sun’. The contrast between the architecture of the RA and Shawcross’ work was compelling, it hinted at what was to come in the rest of the Summer Exhibition, a lively and dynamic juxtaposition between the old and the new. The famous stairs by Jim Lambie created the perfect entrance into the gallery spaces. The bold colours created a hyponotic experience, something like an Austin Powers trip.


Michael Craig-Martin RA led the co-ordination of the Summer Exhibition and it was clear to see his distinctive colourful style burst through in the curation, with bright pink and vivid green walls in some galleries complementing the work displayed.



The Summer Exhibition is the only place where the work and talent of the artist is the primary focus. Artists exhibit knowing that they have been chosen for the quality of their work and not their fame. Of course there were the old favourites such as Grayson Perry and Tracey Emin but names of artists we also haven't heard of but similarly impressed by.



We pick out our favourites here:


Jock McFayden RA, UIST



Grayson Perry RA, Julie and Rob


Alison Boult, Tower


Debbie Sutcliffe, The Dancer


Tim Head, Fictions 3 (Invisible Cities)


David Mach RA, Buddha


Rob Taylor, The Golden Temple of Garbage-Elevation


Michael Barraclough, Matthew LeGrice, Daniel Ovalle Costal & José Pareja Gómez, Protean Pattern


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