Them 2019 Call Out

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We're super excited to announce our second online exhibition and event Them 2019’, scheduled for November 2019!


Them launced in 2016 with an amazingly diverse series of live streams from media artists, performers, potters and musicians (see the archive here), and we're back with another massive event this autumn.


Them features Lemonade Gallery artists, performers and creatives whose work we admire and a diverse group of participants selected via open call, invited to broadcast performances, documents, vlogs and media works in a continuous rolling programme of simultaneous live streams, social media and archives.


We're interested in and encourage

  • AI
  • bots
  • chats
  • code
  • decentralised work
  • future work and proposals
  • hacking
  • image and sound streams
  • live performance streams
  • online conferencing
  • process based work
  • prototypes and completed projects
  • readings
  • remote and present audiences
  • snaps
  • viral happenings
  • VR and AR experiments

that push the boundaries and capabilities of the interent as platform, space and material.


Them offers up a window on difference, alternative ideas and new creative practice, from emerging and established international artists alongside newer voices. Theme, content, duration and other aesthetic decisions will all be up to the artists.


“Like lost children we live our unfinished adventures.”
Guy Debord - The Society of the Spectacle


To take part, please send an expression of interest to us at hello at fireythings dot com or DM @LemGallery, with some links to your existing work or details of what you might do and anything else you think we need to know. We'll get back to you with a few more details.


Application deadline is midnight, Monday 30th September 2019.


Full launch event details and programme coming soon.


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